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Wage stagnation may threaten democracy itself

Why have wages stagnated so badly in the US compared to Australia and Canada? The report notes that while US wages have stagnated and not gone up, since 2000, Canadian wages have risen 10 percent and wages in Australia by 30 percent. A group of eminent economists has taken on that question and developed a detailed analysis—to be issued imminently—of this vexing problem in a project underwritten by the Center for American Progress. 

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MLK Day tribute

This week marks our nation’s annual celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. day. As we honor a truly great American icon we keep in mind two parallel and pertinent events that are occurring in America. One is the increasing awareness of the epidemic of police killings of black men (and black women too, though not as frequently). “The Root” enumerates 20 unarmed African Americans and the stories surrounding their killings by police. 

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Seven tips to creating a winning LifeSmarts team

This post originally appeared on the LifeSmarts blog.

Hello all, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Over the break the members of the LifeSmarts team were hard at work making sure that the 2015 Nationals will be the best one yet! In addition to our usual preparation we have put together the top 7 tips to creating a winning LifeSmarts team. Below, I have included a few highlights from our list.

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An end to secret settlements could save lives

en, corporations are able to settle lawsuits brought against them in secret, paying off litigants and hushing up the hazards that lurk in their products. Consumers deserve more transparency and accountability from these corporations. USA Today editorialized last week on this very problem, focusing on a product I’d never heard discussed in this debate, ironically a rifle. 


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