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Talk before you take: The importance of doctor-patient communication before starting a new medication

92_kamay.jpgWe’ve all been there. Sitting alone in a cold doctor’s office, listening to a re-run of the Dr. Oz show while waiting for your doctor to come back in the room with a diagnosis and prescription in hand. You can’t wait to leave and get back on the path to wellness. And who could blame you? No one likes to wait—especially when you don’t feel healthy. The doctor comes back, hands you your prescription, and gives you a brief overview about what the medication is and the appropriate dosage. But, what happens next is critical. Do you hop off that cold, uncomfortable patient bed and go on your merry way, or do you ask questions? Specifically, questions pertaining to the risks associated with this prescription medication.  

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New Brandeis intern excited to join NCL team

rebeccaG.jpgBy Rebecca Groner, Brandeis Intern

Rebecca Groner just completed her sophomore year at Brandeis University. She is studying Health: Science, Society & Policy, and will receive minors in Social Justice & Social Policy and Business. Groner has studied a variety of topics to support hands-on approaches to policy change, and her main interests lie in public health and health policy.

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Are honey bees our canaries in the coal mine?

For the past five or more years I’ve read with sadness and trepidation about the reduction in pollinating bee populations. This startling news seemed like the ultimate canary in the coal mine warning. Bees are dying out because of something awful we are doing to our environment, but what is it that we are doing? 


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Guest blog: A new venture for collaborative solutions

lee_lynch.jpgThis guest post was originally published at Reservoir Communications Group's blog.

What do you get when you put representatives from more than 30 of the nation’s leading patient-focused health organizations, companies and government agencies in a room, amidst a sea of sometimes-competing priorities that are specific to each of those organizations? Cacophony? Stalemate? Not at all, at least not during the National Consumers League’s (NCL) inaugural Health Advisory Council meeting. 

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