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Increased utilization of the HPV vaccine critical to preventing cervical and other cancers

kb_headshot.jpgThe National Consumers League (NCL) has long been committed to fighting for vaccines and advocating for their widespread use. We are grateful to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) for its efforts to educate the public and healthcare providers–especially pediatricians–about the important role the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine plays in preventing cervical and other cancers. In the United States, HPV is estimated to cause nearly 99.7 percent of cervical cancers, 60 percent of throat cancers, 91 percent of anal cancers, 75 percent of vaginal cancers, 69 percent of vulvar cancers, and 63 percent of penile cancers.

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Protect your skin! Be sun-smart this summer

If you ask Americans what the largest organ in their body is, my guess is that a good number would never think to say their skin. But not only is the skin our largest organ, it is a multifunctional one that plays a vital role in protecting our body. Our skin is our first line of defense; it provides a physical barrier between our internal organs and the environment, regulates our body temperature, and has billions of sensory nerves that are responsible for every sensation we feel.

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Geneva convenes: COPOLCO or Committee on Consumer Safety

This week, I’ve been in Geneva with an international group of consumer experts and advocates who are members of COPOLCO, or the Committee on Consumer Policy. COPOLCO is the consumer component of the International Standards Organization or ISO. I serve as Vice Chair of the U.S. consumer entity—within the American National Standard Institute, which is the official American member of ISO—and am here representing ANSI, along with my product safety mentor and former Consumer Union colleague, Dr. David Pittle. 

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Stopping robocalls takes a village

breyault.jpgRemember the days when dinner was routinely interrupted by a phone call from someone trying to sell something? If you had a phone in your house before 2003, chances are that any time the phone rang in the evening it was likely to be a telemarketer on the other end of the line. Unsurprisingly, all those unwanted phone calls generated significant consumer outrage.

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NCL proud of Treasury choice to place Harriet Tubman on new $20 bill

SG_HEADSHOT.jpgThe National Consumers League (NCL) applauds U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s decision to put abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. We had campaigned for our pioneering early leader, Florence Kelley (who we affectionately call “FK”), to be the first woman on U.S. paper currency. But, I believe that Kelley herself would have been delighted with this decision. Here’s why… 

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