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Car shopping?

In the market for a car? Beware used car scamsIn the market for a new car? Be on the lookout for unscrupulous sellers looking to take you for a ride!

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Disaster in Japan: Charity scam warning

Bogus charities may be popping up after Japanese disastersWith heartbreaking images of the recent devastation in Japan—villages reduced to rubble and submerged under water, city streets leveled, and survivors searching for missing loved ones—many consumers around the world are reaching for their wallets to help. Advocates are warning that con artists have long exploited natural disasters, and the Sendai earthquake and tsunami will likely be no exception.

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Avoid tax season pitfalls

It's tax time

April 15. The date fills many consumers with dread, since it marks the IRS tax filing deadline. For tax scammers, however, Tax Day equals (ill-gotten) profits. That’s why NCL is encouraging consumers to be extra-vigilant against predatory – or downright fraudulent – tax-related offers. Tax-related scams come in a variety of flavors. Here are a few of the more common variations:

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