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Prizes/Sweepstakes bump fake checks as top scam

Image of mailbox filled with dollar billsThe data is in! NCL's Fraud Center has released the Top 10 scams of 2011, and bogus prizes and sweepstakes have bumped fake check scams to take the #1 spot. Also on the rise, and a concern for advocates, is that scammers posing as loved ones and preying on victims' emotions, like the Grandfather Scam we've reported on in recent months, are on the rise.

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Cruise drama highlights vacation risks

Image of cruise liner on oceanThe dramatic story of thousands of passengers stranded on a power- and plumbing-less Carnival cruise ship in the Carribean has many consumers wondering not only about cruise ship safety, but also their rights as passengers. What exactly are you risking when purchasing a vacation getaway?

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Stress-free gift returns

Gift receiptLining up for post-holiday sales and returns? To help ease the burden of returns, the National Consumers League, the nation’s oldest consumer group, offers advice for increasing the chances of successful — and painless — holiday gift returns.

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