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Eye care 101

Consumers have many choices of eye care providers: opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists. How do you know which kind of provider is right for your needs?

Speak the language of your drug coverage plan

If you're facing the opportunity to choose a new drug coverage plan for you and your family, you need to speak the language in order to weigh the costs and benefits.

Questions for choosing an Rx drug plan

Before you decide on a prescription drug benefit plan, get the facts you need.

Choosing a prescription drug coverage plan

When choosing a health plan, making sure the medicines you take regularly are covered is just as important as knowing that your doctor is in the network.

Health IT: growing interests and concerns

Many assume that the health care system in the United States is the best in the world — at least for those who are able to access it. The reality for many people is that our system often fails to deliver quality care, misses many people who need care the most, and suffers from significant inefficiencies that lead to high costs. Even according to conservative estimates, hospital errors are the nation’s eighth leading cause of death — ahead of breast cancer, AIDS and motor vehicle accidents combined.

Trends in medicine: What is evidence-based medicine?

Doctors and health care professionals are attempting to help patients make sense of the overload of health information by gathering, evaluating, and sharing well–tested, proven medical research. This process of bringing the best available evidence from scientific research to patient care is known as evidence-based medicine (EBM).

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