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America’s consumers left out of latest Dieselgate compensation

When Americans hear “Dieselgate,” they often think of Volkswagen. That’s because the automaker was investigated and sued by the U.S. government and consumers for installing emissions-cheating software in its diesel cars. The cost to VW for these actions could soon top $35 billion, globally – including $25 billion extracted by U.S. authorities in fines, penalties, civil damages, and restitution. But American consumers are still awaiting compensation for similar emissions cheating by other automakers.

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Will Congress stand by after another mega-breach? 

Once again, consumers are faced with the news of a data breach affecting millions of Americans. This time, it was Marriott Hotels, the parent company of brands like Starwood, Westin, Sheraton, W, and the eponymous Marriott. Every breach is bad, but this one looks particularly so. Marriott has acknowledged that information belonging to up to 500 million hotel guests’ data may have been exposed.

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George H. W. Bush tribute on the ADA

As we pay our final respects to him, we can credit President George Herbert Walker Bush with one noteworthy accomplishment, and that is championing the cause of disability rights and signing into law the truly remarkable and life-changing bill, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

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