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Put Florence Kelley on the next $10


The U.S. Treasury recently announced that the newly re-designed $10 bill, slated for 2020, will feature the face of a woman to honor the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. The announcement set the Internet ablaze with suggestions for which historical U.S. woman would adorn the new bill.

Our vote is for Florence Kelley!

Florence Kelley was an early NCL leader and pioneer for social justice for women, children, workers, and African Americans. She was a champion for equal rights and consumer protections and she fought her whole life for democracy -- a true unsung female American hero.

Read about Florence Kelley's contributions to American democracy and the case we're making for why Kelley deserves to appear on the bill. And help our efforts by signing this petition, sharing it with friends. Many people have no idea what an important and influential woman Kelley was. Help us spread the word!

Add your name to this petition and tell the Treasury that Florence Kelley should appear on the next $10 bill.

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