National Consumers League

No robocalls to cellphones without your consent!

The law that prevents robocalls to your cellphone is under attack. Business and industry groups are asking the FCC to roll back consumer protections in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) which forbid companies from calling or texting your cellphone without your consent. The TCPA, first passed in 1991, holds companies responsible when they harass consumers with robocalls without permission

Not only are unwanted calls annoying, many low-income consumers may waste valuable minutes and therefore money from these unsolicited calls. NCL and our allies are fighting back against big business to maintain current protections in the TCPA.

What we ask of the FCC is simple:

1. Maintain the current protections in the TCPA.

2. Ensure that businesses using autodialers are fully liable when they call wrong numbers.

3. Maintain the current system of liability so that industry is incentivized to create reliable technology to avoid wrong numbers.

Add your name to this petition and tell the FCC: No robocalls to cellphones without your consent!