National Consumers League

Sotomayor's Consumer Decisions


By Sally Greenberg, NCL Executive Director While the Senate hearings for Supreme Court Justice nominee were going on last week, the National Consumers League took a look at President Obama’s first Supreme Court nominee -- Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s -- and her record on consumer issues. NCL reviewed a series of cases that had been identified by the nonprofit group, Alliance for Justice, as related to consumer matters. What we found gave us comfort. Judge Sotomayor’s handful of consumer-related decisions demonstrate a sympathy for the average consumer against those who would scam them or hide provisions in the fine print. Sotomayor upheld the Federal Trade Commission’s efforts to levy a hefty fine on one company and restitution for its victims.  She also seems reluctant to throw plaintiffs out of court on a technicality, protecting protects their right to seek redress. Read our analysis, Judge_Sotomayor's_Record_on_Consumer_Issues, of decisions on cases that we thought would be of interest to consumers and other readers of this blog.