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Coding Bootcamp Claims: The truth behind the numbers


They promise valuable skills, new careers, and higher salaries. They offer convenient and flexible schedules. But at the end of the day, for-profit schools are just businesses...and it’s all too easy for clever marketing to come between prospective students and realistic expectations.

Coding Bootcamps: Who’s really in charge?


You’ve found a coding bootcamp that promises it all: a six-figure salary, positions at Uber, Google, Facebook, and Snapchat...all thanks to visionary founders and highly experienced instructors. But how much of it is hype?

The Rise of Coding Bootcamps


Coding schools are hot. A quick Google search removes any doubt about that. Countless pages of results follow a similar, well-worn format: an intensive course of anywhere from 3-6 months, taught by “experienced” programmers who have worked at “leading startups.” The sales pitch concludes with impressive graduation rates, salaries, and job placement statistics—and perhaps a list of the cutting-edge companies at which their alumni work, like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.