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Bangladeshi factory collapse igniting worker activist cries for improved safety

The death toll following the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh on April 24 has climbed to more than 1,000. There are hundreds of people – mostly women – injured and countless others still missing. In the wake of this tragedy, perhaps the deadliest ever garment-factory disaster, it is clear factory safety must be reexamined, and worker’s rights in Bangladesh must be given the highest priority.

Dozen states, cities ringing in New Year with minimum wage increases

With the turning of the calendar to 2013, ten states and two large cities have increased their minimum wage for low-wage workers. Is your city or state one of them?

Seasonal workers: avoid wage theft this holiday season

‘Tis the season of temporary holiday work. As unemployment continues to hover around eight percent, many Americans will be on the lookout for seasonal work this year. But before starting any new job, workers need to familiarize themselves with the potential pitfalls of seasonal or temporary employment to avoid becoming a victim of wage theft.

One worker's tale of blatant wage theft

The fact that millions of Americans are out of work makes daily headlines, but a far less publicized problem is robbing working Americans of their full paychecks: the growing issue of wage theft. 

CA making strides with new wage theft laws

With the Congress tied up in partisan knots, some states have taken up the responsibility of protecting workers’ rights in the workplace. California recently passed two pieces of legislation that workers' rights advocates are hoping will serve as a model for other states.

Labor Day: Demanding legal wages for hardworking Americans

End-of-summer barbecues, final trips to the beach, and the hectic start of the school year are usually what come to mind with the arrival of Labor Day. But with an increasingly erratic economy, high unemployment rates, and attacks on unions making headlines, this year’s Labor Day is the perfect time to examine the many challenges currently facing the American workforce.

Wage Theft: Victims' stories

Losing money that is rightfully yours is a heartbreaking and debilitating experience that affects not only the victim of wage theft, but the victim's family and loved ones as well. Here are some of their stories.

Wage Theft: The importance of record keeping

Looking to recoup lost wages? Having accurate work records can make the difference between whether or not you get what you are owed.

Wage Theft: You're a victim. Now what?

Are you getting paid less than you deserve? Do you suspect you are? Learn who can help you get back what you are owed.

Wage Theft: Employee misclassification

How are you being classified? Being listed as an employee versus an independent contractor can make a huge difference in the wages you are entitled to. 

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