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Wage Theft: Overtime pay

Certain employees are guaranteed paid overtime by law. Are you one of them?

Wage Theft: Six common methods

Workers of all types, in all industries can fall victim to wage theft. Learn some of the most common ways employers are unlawfully keeping employees from the wages they deserve. 

Wage Theft: Are you a victim?

Wage theft happens to blue-collar workers as well as white-collar workers. Take our quiz to see if you’re being robbed.

Wage Theft

The National Consumers League's Special Project on Wage Theft seeks to raise awareness about the nature of wage theft in the United States and strives to educate consumers, workers, businesses and governments about wage theft issues. Read this Q & A to learn more about what wage theft is and who it affects.

Shared history: NCL and working families

Did you know NCL began as an organization of women devoted to workers’ rights?

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