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The USDA plan to "modernize" poultry inspection is a step backwards

The post originally appeared on By Celeste Monforton, DrPH, MPH of George Washington University School of Public Health & Health Services 

The Obama Administration’s USDA continues to insist that their proposed rule to “modernize” poultry slaughter inspections will improve food safety. Just last week, Secretary Vilsack’s office said it is sticking with their plan, saying: “comprehensive effort to modernize poultry slaughter inspection in ways that will reduce the risk for American families.” For the last 18 months, however, the USDA Secretary has heard loud and clear that his agency’s proposal is certain to do much more harm than good.

Free webinar: Improving communication between patients and health care professionals

Dr. Ira Wilson of Brown University will lead webinar Dr. Ira Wilson of Brown University will lead the webinar "Medication Adherence in Practice" on November 19. Three out of four Americans do not take their medications as prescribed. Open communication between health care professionals and their patients can be a powerful tool for improving rates of medication adherence.

To have power means to have responsibility

This post originally appeared on SOCAP International's Web site Guest blog by Matt D'Uva, President of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals I had the absolute privilege to attend the Trumpeter Award Dinner on Tuesday night hosted by the National Consumers League.  NCL, founded in 1899, is an inspiring organization.  They have been fighting the good fight for important causes such as workers’ rights, consumers’ rights, and equal pay for equal work.  Although the organization is well over 100 years old, this year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Trumpeter Awards Dinner which, of course, made me think about the interesting connection between this celebration and SOCAP’s own 40th anniversary.

Around the world 15.5 million children are trapped in domestic servitude

 By Sharon L. Fawcett, CLC Contributing Writer “I clean the floor many times in a day. When it is not well done, my employer throws the dirty water at my face.” 

Dethrone the King Amendment


By Teresa Green, Linda Golodner Food Safety & Nutrition Fellow Over the past two months, animal welfare groups have expressed outrage over the King Amendment to the Farm Bill. Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa put forward the proposal in response to a California law that would only permit the sale of eggs from cage-free hens by 2015.

The UK institutes a front of package labeling system, we hope FDA follows


By Teresa Green, Linda Golodner Food Safety & Nutrition Fellow Anyone who has ever been to the grocery store knows how overwhelming picking a product can be.  When there are 20 brands of peanut butter it can be difficult to choose which one to purchase.  Should you pick the one with less fat but more sugar?  What about the claims that one brand is “all natural?”  How much sodium is too much?

Debate about the farm bill rages on in Congress


By Teresa Green, Linda Golodner Food Safety & Nutrition Fellow For anyone interested in food and agricultural policy, the last month has been an exciting and tense one.  As both the House and the Senate took up long delayed farm bills, many advocates were hopeful that the final bill, which provides a foundation for important farm and nutrition programs, would finally pass after a year’s worth of delays.