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Help support NCL's mission #GivingTuesday

GT pic For the first time this year NCL will participate in Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving to help kick off the holiday season. Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, more than 8,300 non-profits will aim to grab a piece of the post-Thanksgiving spending flurry. Consumers spent more than $12 billion on Black Friday, the biggest spending day of the year.

November is Family Caregivers Month and a time to reexamine the role of the caregiver

By Sarah Hijaz, Health Policy Intern Sarah is a recent graduate of The George Washington University Trachtenberg of Public Policy and Public Administration, where she received a Master of Public Policy (MPP). Her main background is in public health, having worked in clinical trial protocol development and cancer health disparity research and outreach efforts. Sarah plans to pursue a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree, concentrating on health policy. During the interim period before starting a DrPH program, an internship at NCL is a great opportunity to gain exposure to the advocacy side of public health and health policy.

Do big changes lie ahead for nonprofit organizations?

A message from our development team. America's nonprofit organizations, including the National Consumers League, are caught on the horns of a dilemma. Current tax law permits NCL and all 501(c)(3), meaning tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations to advocate for policy changes, provided that advocacy doesn't supplant their charitable purpose. We're prohibited from endorsing candidates for public office.

A DC resident's letter to Mayor Gray about the LRAA

The Large Retailer Accountability Act (LRAA) was vetoed by DC Mayor Vincent Gray and then the veto was sustained by the DC City Council earlier this month. This was a defeat for DC's low wage workers and a missed opportunity for Washington to set an example for the rest of the country that workers deserve a living wage.

Air travel insurance big bucks, little protection

planeskyIn a new report, NCL took a close look at travel insurance associated with airline tickets and found a string of disturbing trends in the industry.  Among the finds in the report are rising cancellations fees, the four U.S. legacy airlines just increased cancellation/change fees to $200 per ticket; an increase in revenue from travel insurance, in 2010 travel insurance was a $1.8 billion industry and between 2006-2010 travel insurance sales increased 39%; and the widespread use of misleading language and dense policy descriptions in airline insurance policies increasing consumer confusion over what these policies actually cover. We urge consumers to inform themselves about these policies before paying extra money for insurance.

Don't text and drive! #ItCanWait

ICWDo you text when you drive? Sure, you can stay in constant contact with your friends, instantly “like” a picture on Facebook, or tweet what you just passed on the road, but it’s not worth it? More than 100,000 car crashes every year involve drivers who are texting. It can wait.

A new LifeSmarts season, a new Web site. Going strong, growing bigger after 20 years.

New Final LSThe 2013-2014 LifeSmarts season is officially underway this week, with a new competition year going live at the program’s revamped online home,, along with a variety of new coaching and study resources, new opportunities for participants, and new state programs across the country.

Fast food workers plan a day of protest on August 29

A coalition of national labor unions and community groups announced a national fast-food worker walk-out scheduled for August 29.  This announcement follows a summer of protest, during which workers from across the country have protested against low-wages and unfair working conditions.