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Web design RFP - July 2019


Websites Redesign & Development
Request for Proposal (RFP)

July 2019

This RFP is for design and development services for a new website for National Consumers League ( and its fraud program (

RFP sent: July 2019
Responses due: August 5, 2019

Send any questions on the RFP to: Carol McKay, VP of Communications,

Send proposals to: Carol McKay,

Budget for new websites: 30-40K

Goal for new website launch: Q4 2019 / Q1 2020

National Consumers League overview

For confidence and safety in the marketplace and workplace since 1899.

The National Consumers League is America’s pioneering consumer advocacy organization, representing consumers and workers on marketplace and workplace issues since our founding in 1899. Headquartered in Washington, DC, today NCL provides government, businesses, and other organizations with the consumer’s perspective on concerns including child labor, privacy, food safety, and medication information.

NCL is home to the LifeSmarts program, Child Labor Coalition,, and Script Your Future. NCL is a private 501(c)(3) membership organization.

In 2019, NCL is celebrating its 120th anniversary. overview is a long-term project of the National Consumers League.

In 1992, in response to the growth in telemarketing and Internet fraud, NCL launched the National Fraud Information Center. The mission of the NFIC (later renamed the Fraud Center) was to give consumers the information they need to avoid becoming victims of telemarketing and Internet fraud. In February 2013, the Fraud Center was rebranded and relaunched as is the product of more than two decades of consumer education and advocacy related to Internet and telemarketing fraud prevention. Thousands of consumer complaints are collected by a secure form at and are shared with our network of more than 90 law enforcement partners. Through our anti-fraud advocacy, consumer education efforts and direct consumer counseling support, NCL’s Fraud Center and have helped millions of consumers protect themselves and loved ones against malicious scams. features monthly Fraud Alerts that go to an audience of about 30K subscribers. It also features a special section about data breaches called Your Data Breach HQ. In Fall 2019, we will launch another special section dedicated to educating consumers about counterfeit drugs.

Our audiences

NCL’s audiences are varied:

  • General public / American consumers and workers
  • partner organizations
  • members of the media interested in our advocacy work and expertise
  • policymakers, legislative staff, and regulatory agencies
  • educators seeking content for classrooms, community programs, and local banks or credit unions
  • labor and consumer protection allies
  • representatives from industry
  • individual donors and potential donors

  • Americans who have fallen for a scam and/or are researching (also relatives and caregivers of these people)
  • Media
  • Law enforcement
  • Educators
  • Industry reps
  • Professionals interested in data security issues

New websites’ objectives’s number one objective is to establish credibility for the organization as an independent, trusted, and valued American institution with a rich history as well as relevancy to the current issues that matter most to consumers and workers – and to provide valuable, objective educational content to consumers.

The second objective is to increase visitor engagement and convert visitors into donors.

A third objective is to help visitors find content they care about – one of our biggest challenges is the fact that we work on such a wide variety of issues that organizing our content is difficult.

A long-term objective of the redesigns and platform consolidation is to get all of NCL’s program websites to look as though they belong to the same “family.” In addition to and, these include:


Current sites

Our primary website,, is about 6 years old and does not serve us well anymore. The design feels dated, and some very important content (ex: “from the experts blog”) feels too hidden. Even employees in our own company occasionally have a hard time finding things on the website.

We don’t see as many online donations as we would like to, and we don’t offer much in terms of visitor engagement (pledges, petitions, etc.).

Our current platform, NationBuilder, is easy to use and has some features we value, but a primary goal of our redesign is to get all five of our websites onto the same platform. Currently, two of the five are on NationBuilder, and three of them are WordPress sites. We use NationBuilder for hosting, content management, and email marketing to a community of about 60K users. has been redesigned and refreshed more recently. We feel that the site is in better shape in terms of feeling current. We’d like to increase: traffic, conversions to donations, sign-ups to receive Fraud alerts, complaint form submissions, and visibility of the data breach section of the site. We’d also like to better highlight success stories of consumers for whom our resources or intervention helped save them (or recover) money.

New website functionality requirements

Our new websites will need:

  • An easy-to-use content management system (CMS)
  • Intuitive navigation and organized content
  • Clean, current, and focused design
  • Event management (ticket sales, RSVP portal)
  • Low-cost online donation collection with recurring donation option
  • Email marketing system for collecting sign-ups and facilitating email blasts, newsletters, etc.
  • All applicable content imported from current site
  • Optimized with SEO best practices
  • Clear path to conversion/lead generation
  • Blog(s)
  • Social media integration (share buttons, follow buttons, etc.)
  • Email update sign-up form – multiple forms for multiple newsletters
  • Contact form special need

  • Secure complaint form and/or integration with existing one

Optional new website functionalities / wish list

We would love to have the following in our new website, depending on how these elements would impact timeline and/or budget. Please provide cost for these elements separately, and note if any additional design or development time would be required.

  • Homepage video
  • Action alerts for enabling web and text messaging by constituents
  • Dynamic blog feeds throughout website
  • Calendar feature that we can turn off when we don’t have upcoming events
  • Password-protected area for certain constituents
  • Advanced SEO work

Budget details 

As listed in the summary, our budget for this project is 30-40K, not including annual maintenance, hosting, and add-on services. While we of course prefer the most cost-effective solution, all proposals that fall reasonably within this range will be considered and weighed based on their merits. Proposals that offer flexibility in billing for non-required elements added to the website after initial launch will also be considered, as we may be able to budget for additional funding for these additional website elements or ongoing marketing efforts.

Proposal requirements

Please include the following in your proposal response:

  • Overview of your company
  • Overview of how you will meet our objectives
  • Explanation of your proposed platform/CMS
  • Outline of your website design & development strategy
  • Proposed website timeline from kickoff to launch
  • Details about your team
  • Recent design & development examples
  • References from other nonprofit clients
  • Any key differentiators about you?
  • Pricing with optional elements line-itemed
  • Terms & conditions

Estimated RFP / project timeline details

RFP sent: July 2019

Responses due: August 5, 2019

Finalists selected & contacted: August 19

Winner selected & contacted: August 26

Project kick-off: September

New website launch target dates: – Q4 2019; – Q1/2 2020

Thank you for your interest in responding to this RFP with a proposal for our new websites. We look forward to your response.

If you have any questions, please contact Carol McKay at or (412) 945-3242.