National Consumers League

Worker's Rights

In the earliest days of workplace advocacy, NCL played a role in establishing the 8-hour workday and the minimum wage. Today’s workplace poses many new safety and fairness challenges across all sectors, and NCL continues to fight to protect and improve Workers’ Rights.

State child labor laws under attack

A century ago, the National Consumers League helped write and enact the first child labor laws in states across the country. Today, advocates are dismayed at efforts in two states to roll back protections for working youth.

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100 years later: The triangle shirtwaist fire continued legacy

The deadliest industrial disaster in New York City history was over in less than half an hour, and upon its 100th anniversary, historians and labor rights advocates are honoring the young workers lost to the tragedy and the changes in American labor law it sparked. This month, labor advocates are commemorating the anniversary of the fire and examining how life has changed for the American worker.

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Farmworker advocates building CARE momentum

Advocates have been working for years to improve the working conditions for young farmworkers in the United States. In recent months, the CARE Act, the domestic priority for NCL's Child Labor Coalition, has been gathering steam. In all, 73 groups, representing a diverse cross-section of interests, have stood up and said it’s time to end the injustice of child labor in U.S. agriculture.

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