National Consumers League

Worker's Rights

In the earliest days of workplace advocacy, NCL played a role in establishing the 8-hour workday and the minimum wage. Today’s workplace poses many new safety and fairness challenges across all sectors, and NCL continues to fight to protect and improve Workers’ Rights.

CA making strides with new wage theft laws

With the Congress tied up in partisan knots, some states have taken up the responsibility of protecting workers’ rights in the workplace. California recently passed two pieces of legislation that workers' rights advocates are hoping will serve as a model for other states.

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Labor Day: Demanding legal wages for hardworking Americans

End-of-summer barbecues, final trips to the beach, and the hectic start of the school year are usually what come to mind with the arrival of Labor Day. But with an increasingly erratic economy, high unemployment rates, and attacks on unions making headlines, this year’s Labor Day is the perfect time to examine the many challenges currently facing the American workforce.

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Wage Theft: Victims' stories

Losing money that is rightfully yours is a heartbreaking and debilitating experience that affects not only the victim of wage theft, but the victim's family and loved ones as well. Here are some of their stories.

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