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With an ever-changing marketplace, getting the biggest—and smartest—bang for your buck is a tougher challenge than ever these days. We work across a wide array of issues to help you build and protect Your Money.

College kids and credit: making smart choices

This time of year, many parents are thinking about giving their college-bound children a credit or debit card to help pay for living expenses. Once they get to campus, many students may be shocked at the costs they encounter and be tempted to open their own credit card accounts. For these young consumers and their families, abiding by a few simple rules could help them avoid costly headaches down the road.

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Tweens and cell phones: A guide for responsible use

Cell phones are becoming increasingly common among younger teens and tweens. To help parents manage their tween’s use of a cell phone, NCL has put together advice for families on how to shop for tweens’ phones, how to keep down costs, and how to set some simple rules to make sure a child doesn’t misuse the phone.

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Bogus charities expected to prey on donations for wildfire aid

Recent wildfires in Colorado have destroyed hundreds of homes and have forced tens of thousands of residents to evacuate. In June, President Obama declared the situation a national disaster, and the Forest Service warned it could take weeks to get the blaze under control. After disasters such as this, many Americans try to help out those who have been affected by donating by charities that promise to assist the victims.


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You on Twitter? So are scammers

Many consumers find the popular social media site, Twitter, useful for staying in touch with friends and family and getting updates from organizations or famous people. Unfortunately, scammers see the millions of Twitter users very differently: as potential targets.

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Ticketing gift guide for dads and grads

Tickets are a popular gift as Father’s Day, graduations, and summer concert series fill the calendar. However, many consumers may be unaware that restrictions - and scams - could make giving tickets as gifts a big headache. To help prepare consumers, NCL and the Fan Freedom Project have teamed up to warn consumers about the most common online ticket-buying risks.


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