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With an ever-changing marketplace, getting the biggest—and smartest—bang for your buck is a tougher challenge than ever these days. We work across a wide array of issues to help you build and protect Your Money.

Mobile commerce: what's all the buzz?

You may have seen advertisements for things you can purchase using your wireless phone, such as jokes or ring tones. This new form of shopping, called mobile commerce, lets consumers order products or services using their phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs), with the charges usually appearing on their next wireless bill. NCL’s got the latest on how mobile commerce works and what to watch out for.

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Social networking security and safety tips

Social networking sites enable people to post information about themselves and communicate with others around the world. While you can make new friends through social networking sites, you may also be exposed to embarrassing situations and people who have bad intentions, such as hackers, identity thieves, con artists, and predators.

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Copyright laws and Digital Rights Management

The National Consumers League recently commissioned a survey to explore consumers’ attitudes and expectations regarding their DVD collections of backed-up or copied movies and music. Amidst the backdrop of a troubled economy, Americans believe it should be their right to copy their collections. But what about copyright laws and artists protecting their content?

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Gift Card Holder's Bill of Rights

The National Consumers League has been joined by Consumer Action and the Montgomery County, Md, Office of Consumer Protection to call on the gift card industry to ease the burden on consumers by lifting expiration dates, lowering fees, and more.

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